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 Agriculture sector being the linchpin of the province’s economy continues to be the single largest sector and a dominant driving force for economic growth and development. The importance of agriculture to the economy is seen in three dimensions:

  • Provides food to consumers for food security and fiber for domestic industry.
  • A source of foreign exchange earnings.
  • Provides input and output markets for industrial goods.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has an agrarian economy and more than 80 per cent of the rural population depends for their survival on agriculture, out of which 70 per cent are directly or indirectly engaged in agriculture. The primary goal of this sector is to ensure food security, alleviate poverty and generate employment opportunities inducing higher growth rate in this vital economic sector.

The provincial government has initiated certain steps for the promotion of this sector, prominent being implementation of advanced technology for accurate levelling of farms for sustainable use of water and increased crop production, establishment of farm centres both at district and tehsil levels, provision of improved varieties of seeds, agricultural machinery, capacity-building of farmers and livestock breeding projects for backyard gardening and poverty alleviation through improved rural poultry production.

The following major targets have been envisaged in this sector in the Annual Development Programme 2012-13:

  • Fruit orchards will be laid on 1100 acres.
  • 4565 demonstration plots of crops, vegetables & fruit will be laid.
  • 3000 acres of land will be developed through laser technology.
  • 25 Bulldozers will be purchased. 60 tube wells will be installed.
  • Sprinkler & drip irrigation system will be installed on 2000 acres.
  • 354 watercourses will be improved.
  • 315 water storage tanks will be constructed.
  • 110 solar pumps will be installed.
  • 7970 farmers will be trained.
  • 30 veterinary dispensaries will be established.
  • 75 fish farms will be established.




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